27-year-old speeding ticket

Janelle Dunklee from Quechee, Vermont didn’t realize she had been driving without a driver’s license for 27 years until she got a letter from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles stating that she needed to pay a fine to have her license reinstated.

Surprised by the notice, she called the DMV to see what happened. They told her they had been clearing out their records and found Dunklee owed money on a speeding ticket issued in 1980.

She found out that she supposedly had been pulled over for going 43 in a 30-mph zone in Hartford on Sept. 17, 1980, and had been issued a $26 ticket.

Dunklee said she had never been pulled over in her life, and decided to fight the charge. The judge was so amazed at the delay that the ticket was dismissed.

The officer who issued the ticket to Dunklee said it was so long ago that he couldn’t remember ever giving it.


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    its like the epocalips or sumthin wierd!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? i mean really how do u forget u have a licence ect.

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