140-Year-Old Lobster

georgeAfter a battle between animal activists and a New York seafood restaurant, a 140-year-old lobster named “George” will be returned to sea. This 20-pound crustacean was caught off the coast of Canada’s Newfoundland and sent to New York.

The restaurant, City Crab and Seafood, says it never intended to boil George, but rather to use him to draw attention to the eatery, which he did. Animal activists applauded the restaurant’s decision to let the aging lobster live out the rest of his days in freedom.

Click here to see pictures of George.


  1. Wow, thats really old for any animal. It is a good thing they are setting him free, he deserves it in his old age.

  2. thats an awesome lobster!!! thats good that u released him back to nature i wouldn’t want u to eat the poor lobster!!!!! =) =) =)

  3. Why did they let it free it would have lived longer in an aquarium. Some of those animal rights people don’t understand how its better to put it in a aquarium then let it go!

  4. A lobster that old wouldn’t taste very good, so it’s really good that they let it live rather than just kill it.

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