World Series

BaseballFind your way to a television tonight, and see the world’s best professional baseball teams duke it out for a championship. The 105th edition of Major League Baseball’s World Series begins at 7:57 p.m. Eastern on Fox. The New York Yankees play host to the 2008 champion Philadelphia Phillies in Game 1.


Did your favorite team make it to the Series? Comment below and tell us who will win it all.


  1. go yankees even know I like them i still think the phillies could win but still go yankees and no they have not won to many they have only won 26 (:

  2. even though the yankees lost last night i still think they are going to win the series im a HUUUGGGEE yankee fan. The phillies are going down!

  3. The 2011 WS was by far the best ever. David Freese set the all time record for hitting and the Cardinals came back from elimination with two sticks twice.

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