What’s The View Like From the World’s Tallest Building?


I’ve covered the Burj Khalifa in Dubai extensively on this site, but it you’re no familiar, here’s the gist:

It’s the world’s tallest building, stretching 2,717 feet into the sky. At more than 160 stories high, a perch at the top allows a viewer to see 60 miles into the distance.

Now, we have an idea of what that view would look like. Thanks to a daredevil photographer, who climbed to the top and took 40 panoramic photos, we’ve got an all-encompassing, interactive view. You can rotate and zoom and explore the city and buildings that surround the lofty building.

Click here to see the interactive panorama for yourself.

TO learn about the building that will soon take the crown of World’s Tallest, click here.


    • Cool! you got to go there! I heard you can watch the sunset on the ground level and then go to the top of the building and watch it set like 2hrs later! is that true?

  1. woaah! heeeeeelp!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    (elevator music plays) 2 hrs later. aaaaaaaaa-splat!!! (or splash if you fell in a pool)

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