Water Jet Pack

An amazing new jet pack uses water to lift passengers into hover mode. The company Jetlev created the pack — called the R200 — and will charge $99,500 per unit. Click the video player below to see the Jetlev R200 in action.


  1. Cool idea, but what about the lake? It looks like you’re pretty much churning up the pond, sucking up water as you go. It would kill fish and other water animals. I’m an avid fisherman, and I hate it when these high powered motorboats race by, scaring away fish and making an extremely loud racket. I’m not a nature nut, but I can see that this is a bad idea!

  2. that thing is awesome I want one! But I’ll probably be like 20 when the price is reasonable

  3. hey smarti786, that thing drags it’s own unit behind it so it probably has a filter

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