Best Videogame Character Ever?


Come back in the upcoming weeks to vote in our Marvel BL bracket.


    • Hey, Jack. Sorry about that. Marvel is up next. I’d already planned to do a videogame characters bracket to coincide with a story on videogame characters in our July issue. Still though, the Marvel bracket will run immediately after this one. I promise.

  1. Can’t wait for the new Super Smash Bros.! I’ve wanted to see more of Taboo ever since seeing him in the first game. And by the way, Zelda is the best video game character in the game. Hope she’s the best one in the new one also.

  2. what happend to the marvel one??? wasn’t that supposed to come after the star wars bracket???

  3. Pac man and Mario should defiantly go to the final bracket. They are the oldest and most classic ones.

  4. Mario all the way! I mean, there aren’t very many videogame characters as iconic as Mario, right? Well, maybe Pac-Man, but they are defiantly the two most iconic characters. Okay, Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic. Yeah, they are the most iconic and recognizable. Kirby, too. Don’t forget Link. ūüôā

  5. Fox and Megaman deserve to have a chance. In the Super Smash Bros invitational at E3, they were the most liked by fans. Among older gamers, they are more loved than Mario. Pac-Man doesn’t even deserve to be on this list. His games are Maze. Not the most fun genre.

  6. i will NEVER vouch for pokemon. my friend dumped me because of it and its not really that fun. (my opinion please no critisism)

  7. The closest matches this round SHOULD be Donkey Kong and Yoshi, Bowser and Link, and Megaman and Luigi. Pokémon is the second richest videogame franchise in the world. That beats Sonic. If you say Call of Duty is better, look who is above it on the most sales list. Tetris. Young people and people who know nothing about games should not vote. The true popularity comes from experience.

  8. I wish that Mario and Yoshi didn’t have to go against each other. That hardly seems fair. I hope out of all the characters that Mario wins, though.

  9. Who made this bracket?! They put all of the less popular characters against the more poplar ones, the outcomes are obvious! People will definitely choose Mario over Ratchet and Clank just because Mario is like, the most famous video game character ever, even if R&C is much cooler.

  10. I can’t believe it! No one that I voted for in the second round won! It’s just not fair! I can’t believe it! HOW DID IT HAPPEN!!!???

  11. Almost every Legend of Zelda is considered one of the best games of the system. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Link to the Past, Link Between Worlds, Skyward Sword, the list goes on. That is why Link has got this far. The Mario franchise might have a lot of money, but it doesn’t come close to the amount of depth and gameplay from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ franchise.

  12. Link actually deserves to beat Mario. The Legend of Zelda franchise puts out some of the best video games on their systems. Twilight Princess- Great graphics, gameplay, story/Majora’s Mask- Creepy, but a new style of gaming and a rare challenge/Skyward Sword- Graphics, gameplay, story/ Ocarina of Time- Watchmojo’s #1 videogame ever and many others/Wind Waker- New type of graphics, an open world feeling/Link to the Past- Best game of its system/Link Between Worlds- Remake of Link to the Past but something entirely new, 2013 Nintendo Game of the Year/Legend of Zelda- 1st game to be able to save, open adventure/E3 2014 Zelda- Open world, stunning graphics, new mechanics, just amazing. If that’s not enough, watch “Mario is Mental” by The Game Theorists.

  13. I will have to admit that Mario has sold a lot of games, BUT the reason for that is Super Mario Bros and World were bundled. In the case of the Virtual Boy, I’m sorry that doesn’t count. Also, there are over 200 Mario games. It’s hard to beat that. It has. On multiple systems the likes of Pok√©mon, Zelda, Tetris, and console specific games have beaten it. Most of the Mario games are spinoffs or remakes. There are some saving graces- Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Mario Tennis, New Super Mario Bros. Link has had 17 games and is just as popular. His games have better stories and more creative gameplay. Pok√©mon is second only to Mario. Japan loves Pok√©mon more than Mario. It’s a fact. Tetris has 140 million copies sold. Wii Sports sits under that with 82.5 million, and Minecraft is #3 with 54 million. Super Mario Bros has 40 million. Other franchises are just better games. It’s true.

  14. link should totally win the bracket he is the best. i want it to be link and luigi to go up against link.

  15. I’m VERY surprised Mario didn’t win.
    P.S.: Clay, can you put up a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy up?

  16. 1 ;);););) was right
    2 Clay, It says Mario or Link when it was really luigi or link
    3 everyone vote for link! NOOOOT luigi

  17. I’m kinda surprised that Luigi made it to the final round. I can’t wait for the MARVEL/Avengers bracket!

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