Did Scientists Actually Discover a Real-Life Unicorn?


Scientists in Siberia recently discovered the fossilized skull of a 30,000-year-old Elasmotherium sibiricum, a giant horse-like animal that had a massive horn growing from the center of its head. If you’re thinking it sounds a lot like a unicorn, you may be more right that you know.

Scientists thought the E. sibiricum went extinct 350,000 years ago — long before modern humans roamed the Earth. But the new fossil find suggests it could have lived at the same time as early humans. That means E. sibiricum could help explain the existence of early unicorn-like cave drawings and even mankind’s longtime fascination with the mythical creature.

The bad news? There’s still no evidence E. sibiricum had magical powers of any kind.


  1. That’s so wierd! I didn’t expect a unicorn to be real. But it makes sense how it was probably passed down by generations.

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