UFOs in England

BritishUFOThe British government has provided the details of hundreds of UFO encounters reported between 1981 and 1996. Most of the sightings can be explained, but some remain equal parts mystery and humor.

In 1995, two men in central England described an alien with a lemon-shaped head in a hovering UFO. The two humans reported that the alien said: “We want you; come with us.” On another occasion, two women reported seeing a UFO hovering over the jazz stage at a music festival.

The British Ministry of Defence received 608 UFO-sighting reports in 1996, a huge jump from the 117 reports in 1995. Theories suggest British citizens may have been more eager to see UFOs due to the release of the “Independence Day” film in which Will Smith fights aliens and the popularity of the supernaturally-themed television show “The X-Files.”

Click here to see the Ministry’s UFO files.


  1. Acording to top military scientists, aliens might exist. Dale Hardman says,” The surest sign that intelligent life exists is that they haven’t contacted us.”

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