Today’s Giveaway

Win a Survival Bracelet from Survival Straps. This fashionable accoutrement unravels into a sturdy length of paracord, which can be used in case of emergency. Better yet, if you have to deploy your bracelet, send the remains along with your survival story to Survival Straps, and the company will replace the unraveled bracelet for the cost of shipping only.

We have three samples here in the office, and we desperately want to send them to three lucky readers. Just answer one simple question by 5 p.m. Eastern, Monday, Aug. 1. We’ll pick three random winners from among the entries.

The question: According to the About Books column in our August 1988 issue, what is the best-known survival novel of all time? Click here to browse in our online archives. Send in answers using the form below.

Like always, runners-up will receive a BL 100th anniversary scarf. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners, Joshua, Adam and Marty! Didn’t win, but still want a Survival Bracelet? To order, just click here.


  1. I personally think that this is a very cool give away! I have bin in more then one situation where i was in need of this bracelet. it is a very useful piece of gear. If i do not win this, i will defiantly go buy one anyways.

  2. I just earned my Wilderness Survival MB this summer and this would of been nice to have along to build my shelter with.

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