This Planet’s 13 Times the Size of Jupiter

Using the Subaru Telescope, scientists have discovered a “super-Jupiter” that orbits around the star Kappa Andromedae. The planet, which is about 13 times the size of Jupiter, walks the line between planet and star due to its tremendous mass.

It’s 170 light-years away from Earth and is also very young, as its parent star is only 30 million years old.


  1. I find this interesting. Don’t just think about the mass think about the gasses inside. If we could mine it it would be an industrial amazement!

  2. This also brings up the space elevator. A point I made is that it’s speed would be similar to a regular elevators speed. But if we mined this gas it would go much faster!

  3. The Universe (you might be thinking me but this is just a nickname)is 14.7 BILLION years old and counting! Yes, we are including zeptoseconds.

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