This Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

Take a look at the image below.

Would you believe that the four squares above are moving at exactly the same constant speed? There’s no bouncing or shifting, as there appears to be.

It’s the contrast of the lines, and the two separate colors that make them look desynchronized. Our brains have a tough time seeing the yellow edges against the white and the dark blue against the black.

In reality, it’s all an optical illusion. When the squares get close to each other your brain realizes they are moving at the same speed.


  1. I would think then that if you covered all but one it would like like it’s moving smoothly… but it doesn’t to me.

  2. i looked at it really hard. then i saw it going at the same time. but then it went back to shifting.
    i don’t get it except when it was all one piece. its sort of freaky actually!

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  4. FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS TALKING ABOUT , the squares start out small and unnatached at the top and as they moves down the squares look like they are shifting, changing in speed, or look like they pause for a second then they start moving again. U see this happening until they grow together, the they move at a constant speed. Is this true?…..No! The blocks are in fact moving at a constant rate without changing the whole time, even when the blocks are not together. Well if this is true then why do we see the blocks constantly changing in speed and pausing, thats because our brain cant proccess this correctly, giving us the illusion that they constantly pause and change in speed when really they move at the same constant speed the whole time

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  6. I know how it works! when your brain sees the [small] squares moving behind the white and black the background, it sees the black as shadows, so as the background behind the [small] squares goes from white to black to white, it thinks they’re moving,but when they expand into a solid stripe at the bottom of the box your brain realizes they are moving in sync,so they appear identically moving up and down until they shrink. There you have it!

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