Think Twice Next Time You Spit Out Your Gum


Heather Dewey-Hagborg has one creepy job. She spends most of her time collecting and gathering fingernails, hair and wads of old chewing gum from sidewalks, bathrooms and subway stations. You’re probably wondering why someone would do that, right?

The answer is art.

Dewey-Hagborg is an artist that specializes in a very bizarre style of sculpture. She extracts human DNA from each piece of litter that she collects and enters it into a computer program that creates digital models of the faces of the people who left the items behind.

From those models, Dewey-Hagborg produces actual sculptures using a 3D printer. The result is a detailed facial likeness of real people. It’s all for her new art series, called “Stranger Visions.” It sounds crazy (and maybe it is) but the technology is actually very interesting. Take a look at the finished product below.


Learn more here.


  1. interesting, but not to judge that is creepy as she is following people reconstructing their faces and putting them on her wall

  2. it would be even more creepy if someone walk into a art gallery just to find
    a model of thair face made by someone thay don’t even know.

  3. Oh. I thought she made faces OUT of gum. But this is WAY weirder. What if you just happened to see yourself? Peechtival!

  4. I’m really trying to deside if that line of work is cool or would totally suck, all the same that’s really impresive / creepy.

  5. THAT IS SOOOOO CRAZIE! like wow. creeeepieeeee! a buncha faces mounted on the walls ZTARING INTO YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!

  6. The future is here…we will al have to follow Walter White’s example and pay for someone to erase our evidence and incinerate our gum…:)

  7. body steeler:…… and I shall shave myself bald stuff my hair in a bag and eat my fingernails and swallow my gum….

  8. Hello! Wise Guy is now back from playing THE BEST COMPUTER GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I think this is interesting because I like this kind of stuff, especially computer science. (Samuel- I mean, What is gone playing a very fun map game, so you won’t see him anymore.)

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