The World’s Leggiest Creature

This is one cool insect, or arthropod to be exact.

The Illacme plenipes millipede lives in the dark, has no eyes and relies only on antennae to navigate its environment. But that’s not what makes it unique. It’s also the world’s leggiest animal, with a whopping 750 crawling limbs.

The millipede usually lives in a region known for its dense fog and oak forests. It can secrete silk that helps it cling to the bottoms of boulders and it’s mouth is specially suited to help the creature suck fungi and consume plants.

While the Illacme plenipes has been discovered since 1928,there was such little evidence of its existence that scientists thought the species had gone extinct decades ago. Finally though, we have proof of its existence. Check out one of the only known videos of the interesting millipede.


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