The Root Beer Float Was Invented Today!


There are few better summer treats than a delicious Root Beer Float. Have you ever wondered how the summertime delicacy come to be?

You can thank Frank. J. Wisner, owner of Colorado’s Cripple Creek Brewing, who created the first root beer float on Aug. 19, 1893. The once-in-a-lifetime idea was born when Wisner noticed that the snowy peaks on Colorado’s Cow Mountain looked like ice cream floating in soda.

The very next day (Aug. 19, 1893) he combined root beer and vanilla ice cream, creating what he called the “Black Cow.” Of course, nowadays it’s known as the root beer float.


Have you heard of these float variations:

Coke Float


A Coke Float can be made with Coca-Cola and vanilla ice-cream.

Boston Cooler

A Boston Cooler is made from Vernors ginger ale and vanilla ice cream.



The Harry Potter books introduced this concoction that combines cream soda, condensed milk and butter scotch.

Green Giant


A Green Giant is made with 7 Up or Sprite mixed with Lime Sherbert.

Purple Cow


A Purple Cow is vanilla ice cream in purple grape soda.

Sherbet Cooler


A combination of orange or watermelon sherbet, vanilla syrup and seltzer water.

Orange Float (or Orange Whip)

An Orange Float is made with vanilla ice cream and any orange soft drink.

Have a secret summertime delicacy of your own? Spill it in the comments section below.

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