Surprise Field Trip

Thirty New Jersey students boarded a bus Wednesday thinking it was headed for Ridgefield Park High School. Instead, the bus started toward Six Flags Great Adventure, a nearby amusement park. The bus driver had shown up early to take seventh- and eighth-grade students to the Six Flags park. He picked up the high schoolers by mistake.

Students became concerned when the bus reached the New Jersey Turnpike. The bus driver refused to stop, so the passengers then used cell phones to call their parents and the school.

The driver eventually listened to the students and exited the interstate. School officials had already called the police, though, and officers stopped the bus. A police officer then rode with students on the bus until it reached Ridgefield Park High.


  1. would of freacked me out to but i think if they had new wher they wher going they would not of told on him

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