Summer Badges

The Scouts of Troop 893, Orem, Utah, honored the BSA’s centennial by setting a lofty goal — to collectively earn 100 merit badges over the course of this summer. By working toward this goal at summer camp, during hikes and on summer Saturday afternoons, the 23 Scouts of Troop 893 collectively earned 125 merit badges.

Boys participating included: Corben Miller, Devin Dickson, Gage Hanawalt, Joey Fitzgerald, Koy Herrick, Lance Fredrickson, Ryan Lewis, Ryan Petersen, Spencer Scholle, Aarik Tayler, Aaron Scholle, Alex Fitzgerald, Alex Gabriel, Chris Petersen, Chris Walters, Curtis Miller, Jake Lister, Tanner Howell, Aaron Petersen, Adam Walker, David Jenson, Garrett Howell and Spencer Green.


  1. cool my troop is really big and has a lot of scouts we beat it but we have way more then 23 scouts so ya

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