Space Camp: A Stellar Experience For All Scouts

Interested in space exploration? Space Camp is for you!

The out-of-this-world camp is one epic adventure, offering one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, STEM-based space lessons, hands-on activities, visits from actual astronauts and much more!

Squad Up at Space Camp

Even in a big high school, students interested in space exploration may have trouble finding a group of like-minded friends. And students at smaller schools might have zero options to find their ideal group.

That’s where Space Camp comes in.

At Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, you’ll meet like-minded people from across the country, and make lifelong friends who speak your language. You’ll get more than mere encouragement that the career of your dreams is within reach. You’ll get an actual plan for how to get there. 

What’s Planned For 2019

On July 20, 1969, the world watched as Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the moon. Fifty years later, this historic first still fascinates and inspires.

Next year, Space Camp and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center will harness this skyrocketing interest in space into a yearlong celebration.

No matter which week you select for your visit, you will be part of something amazing.

Space Camp Launches Black Friday sale

And with a special sale for Black Friday weekend just days away, the stars have aligned to make 2019 the ideal year to visit this incredible place.

It’s discounted for four days only, so add it to your holiday wish list!

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