Solid Gold iPad

For a small matter of 130,000 British pounds—or about $192,000—you can own a solid gold version of Apple’s new iPad. Designer Katherine Hughes, of Liverpool, England, takes a 64 GB iPad and replaces the aluminum backing with one made of gold. She also adds 53 diamonds to the Apple logo on the rear.

Hughes plans to give 10 iPads the solid gold treatment.


  1. Uh huh. Right. Why would someone want to waste all the money on a gold iPad? It makes no sense.

  2. I would like any kind of iPad but I would probaly just sell the gold 1 and get stuff like that if someone gave it to me

  3. I want to get all ten solid gold iPads… if I could find my way around the money… where did the guy get all that gold anyway?

  4. The back of the iPad doesn’t matter. What matters is that the iPad is useful, it works, and it is affordable.

  5. Total waste of money. You could buy a house and car and still have money left over. The gold would be too heavy as well and people would always try to steal it.

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