Snakes Invading U.S.

BurmesePythonNine snake species not native to the United States could cause major problems for American ecosystems if established in the wild. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the snakes are popular pets among reptile lovers, but owners often release the snakes when they become too difficult to care for. Once released, these snakes attack, consume and decimate other species that are unused to living among predatory reptiles.

The nine snake species are: the Burmese python, reticulated python, northern African python, southern African python, boa constrictor, yellow anaconda, Deschauensee’s anaconda, green anaconda and Beni anaconda. The Burmese python is considered “high risk” and could potentially infiltrate the lower third of the United States.

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  1. I’m not too particularly worried about Pythons, but the Anacondas I am worried about.

    I’m guessing “lower third” means Southern USA, and I live in the Southeast. :O

  2. Pythons are dangerous. Some of them can, and have, swallowed humans whole. (But of course they do have a weird shape after that.)

  3. Don’t worry about being killed, worry about our animals and ecosystems!
    P.S. Very few people (if any) have been eaten by snakes.

  4. Snakes are awesome, i have two pet blue racers.
    I don’t really care if pythons, anacondas or boas
    live around me (as long as they don’t eat my cat)

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