Don’t Miss This Mindblowing Illusion

You’ve seen plenty of illusions here on Heads Up, but this one is especially mindblowing. Prepare yourself for the direction it goes.

Watch the video for yourself and give us your comments below. Enjoy.


  1. I know how they do the trick. They are highly detailed printouts that have images vertically too long. If shown at the right angle, it looks just like the real thing. But obviously except the cat.

  2. I was like WOAH is that a picture? And then I was like nahhh that’s not a picture. And then I was like WOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! That’s a PICTURE!!!!!!! (mind blown).

    • I’m sorry ’bout your mind hope you get a new one.

      (sorry mentalist but I had to try)

  3. At first, I saw the Rubik’s Cube, and I thought, “Well, it’s just a cool Rubik’s Cube trick. I’ve seen plenty, so how could MY mind be blown?”
    And when they turned the picture around, I was like, “WOAH!! Did he just draw that??” Then I saw the roll of tape, and thought that it was gonna be a picture, and I was right, but when I saw the shoe, I was hesitant and thought, “This SURELY isn’t a picture!! Look at those details!! But, all the other’s have been pictures, so I guess this one is, too.” And I was right!! Either that guy has MAD drawing skills, or those pictures are perfectly taken!! 🙂


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