Don’t Forget To Celebrate Pi Day on March 14

Math lovers around the world observe Pi Day annually on March 14 — chosen because it resembles the mathematical constant, 3.14. Celebrate for yourself by eating pie, reciting pi from memory and doing any other generally geeky activities.

One of the coolest things about Pi is that the number is basically infinite. Sure, most people remember it as 3.14, but there’s actually a lot more digits after that, trillions, in fact. One way people celebrate Pi Day is by trying to memorize as many digits of the number as possible. Did you know the most decimal places of Pi memorized is 70,000! That feat was accomplished by Rajveer Meena at the VIT University in India on March 21, 2015. It took nearly 10 hours!

Memorize Pi!

Pie for Pi Day

Not ready to memorize? Celebrate by making a delicious pie instead. This BL-approved cranberry-apple pie is the perfect Dutch-oven dessert.


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