Paris’ Giant Trampoline Bridge


Imagine crossing a river by bouncing on giant trampolines, instead of walking across on a traditional bridge.

That’s exactly what architects in Paris are proposing for a new and contemporary bridge over the legendary Seine River.

While the famous river already has 37 beautiful ancient bridges, the city is hosting a competition to create an additional, modern-day bridge that offers a more playful method of travel.

Submissions from across the world are being submitted, and the trampoline idea is among the most popular. If constructed, the bridge that would use trampolines as a method for crossing the legendary Seine River in the heart of the City of Light.

And with good reason. The design uses three inflatable donut-shaped trampolines to playfully invite visitors to engage on a more good-humored path. The bridge is formed of inflatable circular parts, like giant rafts. The trampolines are housed in the middle of each ring.

What do you think? Would you jump across this bridge?



  1. I think it would be fun and dangerous because some people might not pay attention to where they are going and might fall off in between the trampolines.

    • Quick note: After doing a bit more research, we’ve discovered that the walls of the bridge reach high enough that a jumper wouldn’t have a chance to fall into the water. So there is no risk of falling into the river.

  2. seems very interesting, if they could do that in U.S.A all over the world even, than THAT would be cool. still, paris is a good start-c10

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