Jeff Kinney talks ‘Wimpy Kid!’

Are you ready to read the seventh installment in the ‘Wimpy Kid’ series? The wait is over, as “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel” is in stores now. Here’s the scoop:

Greg Heffley’s world is turned upside down when his middle school announces a Valentine’s Day dance. As Greg and Rowley scramble for dates, time starts to run out and one of the boys will end up being the odd man out. “The Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel,” in stores now. It’s also available as an e-book.

We spoke with ‘Wimpy Kid’ author Jeff Kinney about the new book, and what’s next for Greg Heffley.


What’s in store for Greg in The Third Wheel?
In The Third Wheel, Greg is looking for a date to a school dance. Greg isn’t having any luck, however, and he has to resort to going to the dance with his friend Rowley and a girl as a group of friends. One of the boys is the odd man out and becomes the third wheel.

Is Greg, in some ways, growing up or maturing in this book?
Greg will always stay the same age, but in the new book, his circumstances are a little more grown up.

What’s Rowley up to in the book?
Rowley runs for student council at Greg’s urging. He also serves as Greg’s wing man to help him get a date to the dance.

You’ve announced that all Wimpy Kid books are coming to e-readers, will there be any differences in the e-versions of the books?
The eBooks are very similar to the physical books. I really wanted the reading experience to be the same.

Are there plans for book 8?
Yes! I’m working on new ideas now. I’d like to write at least ten books.

How about the next film?
I’m really excited to be working on an animated holiday special for television. I think that’s the next phase for Greg Heffley! More news to come.


  1. winter break goes upside down when greg’s dad decides to treat the family to a europe vacation

    just reply if this wins

  2. I put pain where I should have put “painfully decide between” so can you overlook that, Boys Life. (autocorrect is killing me!!!!!!!!!!)

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