Oldest Person?

Kama Chinen, of Okinawa, Japan, died Sunday just days before her 115th birthday. Guinness World Records had recognized Chinen as the world’s oldest living person. Guinness is now researching to identify the new oldest living person.

Jean Louise Calment, a Frenchwoman, who died in 1997 after living 122 years 164 days, holds the all-time record.


  1. i did the math and she was born in 1875 exactly,she saw the the reconstruction of the civil war,which ended in 1877!she only missed the actual war by 10 years and saw the first non-musket guns,or gun loaded with bullets!

  2. The facts on this newstory need to be reconsidered and researched. Methuselah is the all-time record holder for oldest person in the world at 969 years old

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