Norway Knights Penguin

Nils Olav, a three-foot tall penguin, has been knighted on behalf of Norway’s King Harald V.

This penguin, a resident of Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, was adopted as a mascot for the King’s Guard in 1972. The guards claimed him after touring the zoo on a visit to Edinburgh.

Nils Olav had been granted the rank of colonel-in-chief of the King’s Guard in 2005. The penguin knighted this week is actually the third Nils Olav, as the name and rank were passed down when the first and second Nils died.

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  1. Great. Just great. Whats next? “Egypt creates military enforcement squad of Nile crocodiles”? “China trains panda policemen”? “Greenland to use Whales instead of submarines”? Seriously people, why would you knight a penguin?

  2. hmm i wonder if he’s gonna use his sword and cuteness to take over the world? cuz if he does i’ll fight him the world is mine lol jk or do i jk?

  3. I can’t believe that a penguin could protect anyone! I bet if they were attacked they would have a funeral for it when it died!

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