These New Logic Puzzles Are Deceptively Easy


Take a look at these three fun logic puzzles below. Once you have the answer, type it into the comments section. Good luck!





  1. As of just reading this the only one I can answer immediately is #2: The match is what you light first!

  2. The only one I got was the last one…


    The answer to the last was a Human (Babies crawl, adults walk and the elderly walk with a cane)

  3. The third one is Man, as a baby we walk on four limbs, adults use two legs, seniors use a cane.

  4. #3: Man. Morning represents a baby who walks on all fours. Day represents adult who walks on two legs. Evening represents old age where seniors walk with a cane, the third leg.

  5. These are the easiest “logic” puzzles I have heard in my life.
    1. My surname is the pilot’s surname, in this case, [personal information].
    2.The match, duh!
    3.Isn’t this obvious? A human!

  6. #1: ?????
    #2: You light the match first!
    #3: If you have a poetic mind, you will find that the answer is a man.

  7. 1) The name of whoever is reading the riddle, in my case it is Skywalker.
    2)The match will be lit first.
    3)A humans life cycle. Crawling on all fours as an infant (Morning), Walking on two legs from youth through adult (Noon), and walking with a cane as the third leg when one is older (Evening).

  8. 1. The pilot’s surname would be my surname, as I am the pilot.
    2. You’d light the match first.
    3. Man. Isn’t that the classic riddle asked to Oedipus by the Sphynx?

  9. Easy:
    1. Pilot is m surname, Lewis.
    2. The Match
    3. Man: Crawling baby to walking adult to old person with a cane.

  10. 1. YOU are the pilot, so your surname.
    2. The match.
    3. A human. In the ‘morning,’ when born you crawl on 4 ‘legs’, (hands and feet), ‘Noon,’ you’re grown, so then 2 legs, and at ‘night’ when you’re old you use a cane,

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