NASA Found a Time Machine!


Imagine watching Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in person, witnessing the Declaration of Independence being signed or even catching a genuine Babe Ruth home run ball.

It sounds like science fiction, but researchers at NASA have uncovered a mysterious orb that might have finally unlocked the secrets of time travel. According to NASA, anyone who holds the 55-pound glowing ball can travel anywhere in history for up to one hour.

The orb, originally found in a hidden cave on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, features a digital touchscreen that lets users input a specific date to which they want to travel. NASA is currently researching how the mystery ball works and from where it originated. The best part? NASA wants ideas for where to time travel next.

Sound to good to be true? That’s because it is.

April Fools! This prank first appeared in the April issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Take a look at the full page below:



  1. Lol I knew this wasn’t real because I’m sure we would have heard if scientists had found a time machine.

  2. However the ideas listed for the function of the time machine device are great ideas nevertheless. However if this did exist I believe it would work for more than an hour or need a recharge time.

  3. Wise Guy: Wise Guy!
    What: What-where-what’s going on?
    Wise Guy: What are you doing here?
    Other Person: Wies Guy What Areyoo Doo Ing Hiere?
    What: I was just looking at this post.
    Wise Guy: What?
    Other Person: You’re name is “What?”
    Wise Guy: W-I-S-E G-U-Y WISE GUY!!!
    What: What are you talking about?
    Other Person: Your name is Double-You I Es Reed Jee You Why Wise Guy What Ar Utalk-Ing A-Bout?
    Wise Guy: Never mind.
    What: What?

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