NASA Bombs Moon

MoonTwo spacecraft sent by NASA crashed into the lunar surface Friday morning. The intentional crash was part of a mission searching for ice on the Moon. It will most likely be two weeks before scientist have an indication as to whether or not ice was found.

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  1. I wonder if the spacecrafts got damaged when they hit?When I first read the headline I thought they had litteraly bombed the moon.

  2. It kinda sounds like 2012! Imagine how bad it would be if they bombed it 4 real and with to much power,tides would mess up really bad!

  3. i’m hoping that instead of finding ice on the moon, scientists find Tang, the powdered beverage. That would be really cool!

  4. Uh… if they really bombed it, the moon would come towards earth and cause massive earthquakes (10.4 at least) tornadoes (possibly) and world wide hurricanes going 109 mph or more (for sure). I am honestly not making this up.

  5. NASA did not bomb the Moon. They purposely crashed two parts of the same spacecraft to obtain information about ice at the Moon south(?) pole. The spacecraft split in two, on piece crashed first, the other followed with the cameras on (that’s what they had live in CNN). Both pieces crashed. So, “Chace”, yes the spacecraft got really damaged…

  6. When this was happening my science class was studying astronomy. So we got to see some footage of it. I got it to admit it was pretty cool.

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