Moon Water

NASA has found a “significant amount” of water on the Moon after crashing an observation satellite on the lunar surface. The probe, known as Lcross, created a hole 60 feet by 100 feet wide and “kicked up at least 26 gallons of water.”


Water on the Moon could be used for explorers who may someday set up permanent camps. Scientists could also analyze frozen water to learn more about our solar system’s history.


  1. Yes!!!!!! We can finally have enough evidence that we can survive on the moon!!! In a year or so people will be living on the moon!!!!!!

  2. The finding of water on the moon in no way guarantees survival on the moon.Just think about the environment on the moon, if not sure look it up. This is a very cool finding though.

  3. The sun will blow up in 1,000,000 or so years and creat a black whole SO big it will suck up the entire solar system

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