Lost Letter

Mysterious mail sent during World War II finally reached its intended address last week — 67 years late. The letter was postmarked at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 9, 1944, in Montgomery, Ala. It was addressed to Miss R.T. Fletcher at an American Red Cross Hospital at California’s Camp Roberts. The hospital has since been torn down.


All mail sent to Camp Roberts is processed at the Post Office in San Miguel, Calif. It was at the San Miguel Post Office that the letter recently turned up. Where it had been hiding for 67 years remains a mystery.


It turns out that R.T. Fletcher, 90, now lives on the East Coast. Her brother, who was stationed at Montgomery’s Camp Maxwell, had sent the letter. The brother has since died, but his letter has been forward from Camp Roberts to Miss Fletcher on the East Coast.


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