Loch Ness Surprise

LochNessScotland’s Loch Ness has long been rumored as the home of a reclusive sea creature called the “Loch Ness Monster.” A U.S. research team recently went on an expedition to find proof of the Monster’s existence, but they found something else surprising.

The team discovered thousands of plastic-covered golf balls bunched together at the bottom of the lake. The researchers first thought they were looking at mushrooms, but a zoom of the camera revealed the small items as golf balls.

The balls were found 300 yards from the beach and 100 yards from the shore. It’s believed visitors to Loch Ness have been using the body of water to practice golfing skills.

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  1. What!I didn`t think that here was anything in there besides some seaweed and (possibly)a giant sea monster.I wonder who first got the idea?

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