Learn the Amazing Story of Sgt. Stubby, a Canine War Hero

As World War I’s final battle began in 1918, a young American spotted a German soldier on the battlefield. The German might have been a spy, or he might have simply been lost. Either way, he ran from the American, who chased him and — at least, according to one report — jumped up and took a bite out of his bottom.

The American, you see, was a dog. His name was Stubby, and his capture of that German soldier was just one reason he became a hero and a legend. In the years to come, Stubby led military parades, met three U.S. presidents and received many medals, including one presented by General of the Armies John J. Pershing.

Now, a new animated movie has been made honoring the pup. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero follows Stubby and his master from the training grounds at Yale University to the battlefields of France and back. Along the way, it explores the true meaning of dedication and loyalty and what it means to be a hero. Like Stubby himself, the movie focuses on helping others.

The movie is now out on DVD and digital download. Check out the trailer below:

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