Learn All About the New $100 Bill


Last winter, the iconic $100 bill was redesigned and updated with high-tech security measures. Take a look at some of the new features:

3-D Security Ribbon
The face of the new bill features a decorative blue stripe that shifts from small Liberty Bells to a “100” pattern when it’s tilted back and forth.

Liberty Bell
There’s an image of the Liberty Bell hidden in the copper-colored inkwell on the face of the new bill. Rotating the bill makes the bell appear and disappear.

Raised Ink
Thanks to an elaborate printing process called “intaglio,” the ink that makes up Benjamin Franklin’s body is textured and raised.

New Color
The background color of the $100 bill is a distinctive pale blue.


Gold 100
The new bill features a large gold “100” to help those with visual impairments to recognize the denomination.

There are tiny words hidden around Franklin’s jacket collar and the quill in the background.

For more on the new bill, click here.


  1. I showed this to my mom, and she said it looks like a bill in “foreign countries” and the USA is getting “corrupt”. If you ask me, i think this is AMAZING!

    • Doka r xdukawk shjcbr, skfrjj sehhjts. (Those are words, you know.) 😐 🙂

  2. It was about time that good old Ben got a facelift! I wonder if the USA will do this kind of thing with the other denominations too?

  3. Shrkd! Faj doka gfadnge wksb ceris! “Boys’ Life” r HCNEWIOXME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😕 😕 😕

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