A new kind of T-shirt is now on the market. LazerShirts come with an “ultraviolet Lazer to draw, write or design” a customized creation onto the shirt. Sound confusing? Click here to read more at the LazerShirts site, or click the player below to watch video.


  1. thats very wiered. there is a few flaws to this loses its light after 19 sec. And finally, there is a toy that mounts on the wall. EXACT same thing. that is quite coppied. not that im a cridic;)

  2. Wow, those are expensive. Actually, I could make one of these… 😀 Just get something that glows when a blacklight is shone on it, glue it to a t-shirt, then get a blacklight “laser” pointer. Voila! A “LazerShirt”!

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