Is This Australian Steer the Biggest Cow Ever?

Last week, an Australian cow named Knickers took the internet by storm. Standing roughly 6 feet tall, the cow seemed to tower above other cows in photos and video.

While Knickers is a very big cow, the footage is a bit of an optical illusion. The brown cows surrounding Knickers are actually pretty small, making Knickers look even bigger than he actually is.

Still, Knickers got me thinking: What is the biggest cow ever?

In 2014, Guinness World Records said Blosom, an American cow from Illinois, was the tallest cow ever measured. It stood six-foot-four. Check out Guinness’s video below:

And in 2016, a steer called Danniel took over the title as tallest cow ever, standing six-foot-four and weighing 2,300 pounds. Danniel eats roughly 100 pounds of hay every day.

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