The Statue of Liberty On Tour?

statue-of-libertyNever seen the Statue of Liberty? Don’t worry, visiting Lady Liberty is about to get much easier.

The 151-foot copper-coated statue, one of the country’s most famous landmarks, will soon be taken on a traveling tour of the country, making stops at 19 major cities across the U.S. sometime in 2015.

Here’s the official announcement:

β€œNew York City has home to one of the world’s premiere works of art for more than 100 years. But we know that many Americans haven’t had the chance to visit Lady Liberty, and may not ever get the chance to visit our great city. So, NYC is proud to partner nineteen cities across the country to bring the Statue of Liberty on display for a limited time. This important object not only provides a foundation for understanding early America, but also a touchstone for continued efforts to strive for common human freedoms.”

Many details are still being worked out, but tickets will start at just $9 and range up to $99. The top price will give visitors VIP access to the landmark statue, including access to the secret robotic controllers that drive the statue.

Sound to good to be true? That’s because it is.

April Fools! This prank first appeared in the April issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

Take a look at the full page below:


Have any April Fools pranks planned? Let me know in the comments section. I’ll collect the best and post them later this week.


  1. You really got me. When I read the April fools thing I was mad even though when I read the article I didn’t think it was true

  2. I was so confused by this, I read these all over and over trying to make sense of them. I thought boys life would not lie or put rumors up,
    then I saw it was a prank. (Never got me though)

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