iPhone 5

Apple’s popular device is set for an update. According to reports, the iPhone 5 will arrive in stores this September. This new generation of iPhone is expected to look like the iPhone 4 but come with a faster processor.

Want one? The lines are sure to form early.


  1. It looks cool but it depends on how much faster the processor is. If there is a big difference i would say its better but if there is only a slight difference i would rather get whichever is cheapest.

  2. even though the iphone is REALLY cool it costs a LOT of money.. And u know that the apple people will come out with another version in like a year so if u ask me its a waste of money unless u r planning to like use it until it falls apart

  3. I may as well wait a couple months to wait untill something bigger and better comes out ( sarcasm )
    seriously,they need to let us enjoy what we have for a little while.

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