How Much Water Is On Earth?


How much water is on Earth? This is an interesting question, and it has an equally surprising answer. We all know that the Earth’s surface is made up more than 70 percent water, and only 20 percent landmass.

The oceans go as deep as 6.7 miles. There are millions of acres of icecaps and glaciers, and millions of tons of water vapor in the atmosphere.

Bottom line: The amount of water on Earth is almost unimaginable.

But can you imagine that almost unimaginable amount in one giant spherical shape?

Scroll down to see the actual size:














Were you close? Don’t t forget the incredible mass of the Earth’s core, not to mention its landmass above sea level.


  1. If you think about it it is not suprising that the Earth is bigger than something that is ON it. I guessed correctly.

  2. Thats from a book i barrowed at the library i forget its name though. anyway youll know it when you see the same picture as clay showed you on the cover of the book surounded in white. the title is like ———- It Just Cant be True —– but i dont know. Clay plz get the books name on this page.

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