Have You Ever Wondered What’s Beneath Antarctica’s Ice?

Have you ever wondered what’s beneath all of that ice on Antarctica’s massive surface? Thanks to NASA, now we know. The space agency recently released a video that shows results of what’s called Bedmap2, the most precise look we’ve ever had at the landmass of Antarctica. Take a look at the video below for more:


According to Popular Science:

It was assembled by the British Antarctic Survey from millions of datasets, lots of which were supplied by NASA’s own Operation IceBridge. Operation IceBridge uses airplanes, rather than satellites, to monitor changes in polar ice, using a DC-8 and several other general-purpose airplanes. Laser altimeters, RADAR, and some odder tools like a gravimeter and magnetometer help NASA figure out what the land of Antarctica actually looks like.



    • What: I think that has nothing to do with Antarctica.
      Wise Guy: Me nether.
      What: Maybe there is hidden animals on the bottom…
      Wise Guy: Or maybe he thinks they should erase all the ice and make it hotter, because he’s from Costa Rica, or maybe… or maybe…
      What: Not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The Polar Ice Caps are melting, but Antarctica seems like it’s doing fine!!! I know what happens to the polar bears and their home, because I’ve been to the future. I didn’t know that Antarctica was made out of rock, but that’s only because I confused it with another planet. :):):):):):):):)

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