How Does Superman Shave His Beard?

I’m a huge fan of silly hypotheticals. Today, I found a couple of cool videos of experts theorizing how they think Superman shaves his beard.

I’d never considered that Superman’s beard would be made of anything other than normal hair. But I sure should’ve. After all, he’s not human. Every part of him is tough and rough and harder than steel. The hair on his head and body is undoubtedly coarser than our own hair.

But we know from comic books and movies that he has grown a full beard, so the question is raised, “How does he shave?” See some highly inventive answers from a few experts below:

Here’s Bill Nye’s answer:


Comic Book Expert Kevin Smith’s answer:


And the Mythbusters guys’ answer:


Do you have a better theory? If so, leave it in the comments below.


  1. Yes. He uses his heat vision, reflects it off a mirror toward his beard, and the problemo is solved.

      • OK, then. In every Superman story, his parents send him on a rocket to Earth. Surviving that galactic journey, it must be very strong. So when Superman shaves, he simply knocks off a shard, and he shaves like a human. What can hurt a person from Krypton? Something made in Krypton.

    • Superman is actually never grows a beard in any comics because he has no need to it doesn’t grow on earth.

      • Hey! I didn’t write that reply!!! You just replied to yourself one minute after you posted that comment!!!! This is an outrage!!!!!!! “Peechtival®” is a registered trademark, ya know!!!!!!!!!!!! #PEECHTIVAL®!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s kind of impossible for him to shave with his heat vision and a mirror because wouldn’t his “lasers” go right through the mirror?

  3. Easy. If it`s the sun that makes him powerful and invulnerable, he just goes somewhere without the sun.

  4. Clay,
    The video isn’t working, I click on the link, and all that happens is some gray snow/fuzz, and it says ‘This video is private’. Any ideas? Please fix it soon.

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