Where Would You Go If You Had a Time Machine?

Fantastic machine in doodle style. Steampunk apparatus for fulfillment of desires.

It’s one of the coolest hypothetical questions ever: If you had a time machine, where would you go? The options are endless. Would you visit the Wild West, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages or someplace else entirely?

I’d love to hear all about it. So, fill up the comments section with where you would go and why. Make it your wildest dream adventure in time and I’ll award a few of the best entries with cool prizes from the Boys’ Life headquarters. There’s no limit to your answers, so let your imagination run wild!


  1. I would go back in time to before the before the spainards got to the Americas to see how the different tribes grew and diminished, such as the Incas.

  2. If I had a time machine, I’d visit the future! I’d check out all the technology, and maybe bring some cool gadgets home with me.

  3. If I could go into the future I would go 1 year into the future and see what the next big thing is, and return back to the present and invest in that.

  4. Me and some of my good friends would go back to the time of the Stone Age. I think it would be really cool to see how people survived back in an age where everything was so wild. I would get to see animals and plants that are currently extinct like Mammoths, Dire Wolves, and Dinosaurs. I could learn how to survive without modern-day technology, which we sometimes take for granted. I could tame animals that many people think are savage and unfriendly (I’ve always wanted a pet wolf). I also would think that are friendship would be tested through the amazing adventure we would have and ultimately become stronger. I think traveling to the stone age would be an awesome and memorable adventure that would change my life forever.

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