Girl Fights Shark

A 14-year-old New Zealander used a boogie board this week to fend off a shark. Lydia Ward was waist-deep in the ocean at Oreti Beach near New Zealand’s South Island when she saw a “massive grey thing twisting in the water.” The “grey thing” moved toward her and bit her on the hip. She then hit the shark with the end of her boogie board, scaring the animal away.

The shark stayed away, even after Lydia’s blood began spreading in the water. She then scrambled to the beach to seek assistance. While the injuries were not considered serious, Lydia did go to the hospital for treatment.


  1. wow…great job Lydia.. too bad you got bitten. i wish i could’ve seen the shark’s face when it got beaned with a boogie board..that must have been QUITE a smack!
    PS i hope you get better soon;)

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