This Folding, Recyclable Bike Helmet Is Made of Paper


Most bike helmets are clunky and hard to carry. That’s because they’re built to be safe, and sometimes you have to trade off a little size for the comfort of knowing your noggin is taken care of. Enter the EcoHelmet, a new helmet concept made of cheap, recyclable materials that would cost less than $5.

It uses a honeycomb structure to protect the head which provides surprisingly impressive strength. The EcoHelmet is also coated with a material that makes it rain resistant for between three to four hours. It’s designed for a limited number of uses and will deteriorate and weaken over time, especially if carried around at the bottom of a bag or backpack.


For now, the EcoHelmet is in the early stages of development. That means you can’t buy it yet. But its designer just won the coveted James Dyson Award for design, awarding her nearly $40,000 to further develop the helmet. It will likely begin testing in New York in the spring. As for when you’ll see it in stores, stay tuned.


  1. I apologize if I seem skeptical that something that looks like my mom’s old fall decorations can adequately protect the skull in a crash.

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