Floating Hotel?

That’s the plan with the Aircruise, an 870-foot tall hotel that would hover thousands of feet above the ground. The floating hotel would hold 100 guests and crew and include 10 luxury apartments available for rent. Hydrogen gas would keep the hotel afloat as it traveled at speeds of 62 to 93 miles per hour. A trip from London to New York would last 37 hours.

The Aircruise is only a concept for the moment. Seymourpowell, a product design firm, is working on the idea.


  1. Most unsafe transportation device I’ve ever seen. That will never happen. I would never in my life ride that thing. P.S.
    How could you want to ride in it “noname” and “camper man”?

    • Well, actually they have made a flying car. It sorta looks like a miniature private jet with four turbines where a car’s wheels would be and no wings. Named the SkyCar, it works much the same way as a harrier jet, moves at 300 mph, and navigates on its own via GPS. It costs about $100,000 and is expected to be used by the first response (police, fire department, etc.) by the end of the next 20 years. Excited yet?

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