The First Trailer For Jurassic World is Here!


Jurassic Park was probably the most magical, exciting and revolutionary movie of my childhood. It’s a great mix of action-adventure, horror and science-fiction. Sure, there were a few sequels, but nothing beats that first movie.

Now, the franchise is getting rebooted with an all-new cast and storyline in Jurassic World. I’m not sure if the movie can recapture the magic of the original, but after watching the first trailer, I’m officially excited to see it try.

Jurassic World takes place in the already established Jurassic Park, a place where visitors get to see and interact with dinosaurs. Think Sea World, but with mammoth dinosaurs. It’s a beautiful, successful park, until it all goes haywire. Take a look at the first official trailer to Jurassic World:


How does this compare to the original Jurassic Park trailer? See for yourself:


  1. The old movie series looks way better then the new because they didn’t use animation which made everything look real, they had a better plot, and it wasn’t a mainly a love story. You can also tell in the new one there is going to be tons of death, probobly ten time more the the original Jurassic park because people want action. Now if they followed the same exact plot as the original it probobly wouldn’t be that bad. My point is there is no way they can capture the magic of the original, even with there super special effects.

  2. Last year, the internet said that Jurassic World was going to use the same actors from Jurassic Park but they didn’t do that. They said the characters went to Jurassic Park because John Hammond died and they wanted to build Jurassic World in his name but that didn’t happen either. It is way to modern but I will definitely look forward to watching it. I am a huge fan of the Jurassic Park movies.

  3. I agree with Ardetect. I have the original movie, and it is really good, I wish they would just remaster it, not create a different plot.

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