How Far Do Pro Athletes Run During Games?

We all know that professional athletes are in tip-top shape. Here’s how far they actually run during each game.

Tennis: 3 miles per game

It might be the smallest court, but it’s normal for players to run about 3 miles per match. In fact, it’s often more, depending on the style of the particular match. In the longest recorded tennis match (more than 11 hours over three days at Wimbledon, 2010) players John Isner and Nicholas Mahut each ran about 6 miles.

Baseball: 0.0375 miles per game

During any given game, the ball is in play only about 10 minutes, and while it’s in play only a few players are involved. In fact, baseball players run so little that a player would have to hit 15 home runs to run just 1 mile in a game.

Football: 1.25 miles per game

The average NFL player is physically moving for only about 11 minutes per game. Wide receivers and cornerbacks do the most running, covering about 1.25 miles per game.

Basketball: 2.55 miles per game

The average NBA player runs about 2 miles per game. Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans averaged a league-leading 2.80 miles per game in the 2017 season.

Soccer: 7 miles per game

The soccer field is the largest, and games last 90 minutes or more. Combine that with the fact that players are rarely substituted, and you can see why soccer players run the most of any sport.

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