Everything You Need To Know About Batman


Everyone loves Batman. Celebrate the Caped Crusader with this list of facts, trivia and a cool video:


Batman: Strange Days

To celebrate Batman 75th anniversary in 2014, DC Comics released a brand new short film featuring a lost tale from Batman’s past.


Batman Begins


Batman first appeared in Detective Comics No. 27, which introduced the Caped Crusader in a bizarre whodunit. A mint-condition issue is worth approximately $2.5 million.


The Perfect Bruce Wayne?


Bruce Wayne has been portrayed by five actors and countless animated comic book illustrations. Generally, the billionaire is shown as tall, dark, muscular and mysterious. That said, all of the actors and illustrations have wildly different looks. Some are long-haired, some are short-haired. Some are old and some are young. Glasses, no glasses. Black hair, brown hair, even sandy blonde.

So what does Bruce Wayne truly look like? Recently, an inventive illustrator morphed all of the actors that have portrayed big screen Batman, in to one perfect Bruce Wayne.


Always Prepared


Batman’s utility belt has been a staple of his costume since July 1939. The belt has included tools like batarangs, lock picks, lasers, a fingerprint analysis kit, grenades and even kryptonite. That’s right — in the comic books, Batman keeps a nugget of kryptonite in his utility belt just in case Superman ever turns on him.


The Red Knight?


In the earliest drawings, Batman wore a tiny mask and red tights and had blond hair. Eventually, the bright and cheery style was scrapped, and Batman was given his signature dark and mysterious look.


The Batmobile


The original Batmobile driven on the 1960s TV series recently sold for $4.6 million. On television, the Batmobile’s technology allowed it to shoot flames, squirt oil and shoot tire slashers, but the car is not actually designed to do any of that. The famous car was created by custom car king George Barris who transformed the 1955 Lincoln Futura into the Batmobile in the mid-1960′s.

Fast Facts


• Artist Leonardo da Vinci’s flying ornithopter was the inspiration for Batman’s wings.

• Seven actors have portrayed the Dark Knight on screen.

• Bird-Man was the original name of the Batman character.

• Bruce Wayne’s IQ is 192. Albert Einstein’s was estimated to be 160.

• Bruce Wayne is worth an estimated $6.5 billion.

• Batman has had more stories written about him than any other fictional character. He has appeared in almost 6,500 comic books, 44 videogames and 8 live-action movies.

• He’s also said be a master of 127 martial arts disciplines.


Villain ID

Can you name these Batman villains, using their real names?

1. Oswald Cobblepot

2. Edward Nigma

3. Harvey Dent

4. Jack Napier

5. Jonathan Crane



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