East Coast Quake

Did you feel it? A 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook the Eastern United States this afternoon, with the impact felt from the Carolinas all the way to New England. Let us know if you felt the earthquake. Comment below to tell your story.

Click the player below to see video from the Associated Press.


  1. that was scary I was just sitting on the couch playing my ds and then it just started to shake like I was on a bumpy rode in my mini van it was scary

  2. Was in NYC when it happened. I was in a Chinatown in a restaurant and my table started wiggling around. The tables were communal, so everyones first reaction was, “It’s not me!” Haha! Didn’t find out till after that it was an earthquake though…

  3. So they said 5.8 in their article but the video they attached says 5.9… Come on guys! Let’s get the facts straight!

  4. Oh yes. . . we live in Richmond, VA (just 40 miles from Mineral) and the shaking lasted well over a minute. I was at work on the 12th floor of my building downtown. My boys (both scouts) were at home. My oldest took control calling out to his brother to come into the same room with him but his priority was to hold onto his TV to keep it from falling over. LOL Thankfully, no damage for us or any of our family but there is a great deal of damage around Mineral and some damage around like a crack was found in the basin at the Richmond water treatment plant which they had to shut down to check out and fix so many around Richmond are now on manditory water restrictions. Most of us thankfully slept through last night’s 4.5 aftershock. . . . that makes 5 since the main quake now.

  5. I was sitting on my patio at my house on the jersey shore and the pool started to rock and i started to shake

  6. I was in my room looking at my Merit Badges ,and the whole house shook. All my stuff started rattling. Then my dad jumps out of his room and tells me it was an earthquake. It was cool.

  7. I was at a barbecue, and the whole patio shook, and everyone called friends and family to make sure they were okay.

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