Earthlike Planet Found

Astronomers have discovered a planet called Gliese 581d that could have oceans filled with water. This planet is about twice the size of Earth and orbits its star in about 3.15 days. Gliese 581d is about 20.5 light-years from Earth.


  1. Also I hope they don’t spend Billions of goverment money on a wast like that the goverment really need’s money at the moment with this hole econimy stuff they can’t afford to waste money like that.

  2. now we can leave earth discover space life and have a new planet and bring along our priuses and smat cars and hybrids so we dont risk so called global warming and lets not dump garbage into the oceans and have 100% led lights everywhere and we can not afford not to bring our mustangs,vipes,camaros and corvettes

  3. We probably won’t be able to go there, but hopefully we can make a powerful enough telescope to view it, and figure out if there is life on it.

    • aliens how crazy! earth is the only planet that can sustain life!
      earth has all the right conditions to support life! its just close enough and the temperatures are just right!

  4. I conclude that in the future, it ma be possible to teleport ourselves there. Approximately 300 years in the future that is!

  5. Guys, I am no younger then 13 and no older then 15 but I KNOW that their is NOT another planet like earth. Ever heard of the Bible? Okay. Ever read it? Didn’t think so; if you had you wouldn’t believe this. Evolutionists’ say that we evolved from mud. Do you believe that? Scientists AKA Evolutionists’ say there’s another planet like earth. Do you believe that? Go to church Sunday, you may be surprised at what you hear.

    • What do religious beliefs have to do with hardcore evidence? If there’s an obvious sighting of the planet then I will believe it. But if you say that “your God isn’t planning on making any more planets” then there’s no proof that there isn’t a 2nd earth. You can never doubt science.

      • Religion has never proven anything but kept society for ages past has kept society static, no inventions, just caused people to fear, not be open minded, just look at it, a new planet, new life possibly. why such closed mindedness. without science, you would not have a computer to even be typing what you just typed.

  6. And besides, why would God make “another” planet like earth when we have…EARTH! God wouldn’t make it so we would have to move. Duh! Read Revelations…Please.

    • Because this Earth is filled with crime and other things. The next Earth will be perfect. What you should be asking is why He would create another Heaven.

    • Again you say that “God doesn’t want us to move”. But eventually we will have at the rate our population is growing. Our planet has a certain carrying capacity you know.

    • I wrote a comment like yours but it didn’t post!you are so right and jack is wrong.I am a Christian and proud of it.God wouldn’t make a second Earth!It would be in the Bible! please post this comment!Evolutionists are wrong!

    • Why wouldn’t he? People have always wanted to explore planets and other places. If it means more space to live on, why not?

  7. i’m with you jonathan, I do NOT belive evolution, and i belive that god made us all as humans, not mud.

  8. I was sure that there were other planets like earth… but if it’s 20.5 lightyears away I don’t i’ll be able to see it in my lifetime 🙁

  9. Please don’t let this be about another argument about religion. remember they just “THINK” that there is water on this planet just like they thought ice was on the moon (I still haven’t heard anythin else about that yet)

  10. They should call it Makria which is Far away in Greek since all the others are Greek and this one is far away

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