Earth-like Planet

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered a planet in a galaxy far, far away that could have water, which means that maybe — just maybe — it might support life.

The planet, named Kepler-22b, is more than twice as big as Earth and is 600 light years away. Its orbit lies in the “habitable zone,” also called the “goldilocks zone” because it’s not too hot and not too cold.

Scientists don’t know if the planet is rocky, like Earth, or made of gas, like Venus, but if its atmosphere is similar to ours, the temperature on the planet would likely be around 72 degrees.

The NASA Kepler mission is designed to discover Earth-like planets. Scientists believe a planet would only be able to support life if it has moderate temperature and if it contains liquid water.

Read more about Kepler-22b here and here.


  1. WOW i wish i could go there but it will take over 100 years to get there and how would i get my Boyslife magisene

  2. Earth is the only planet that supports life. The likelyhood that there is another planet as perfect as earth is not likely.

    • Dear Darth Bob,
      Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light-years away. With modern technology, the fastest spacecraft possibly able to be sent there would take 75,000 years. Unless there’s a wormhole we haven’t seen yet between the two, an what’s the chance that’s going to happen, it’s going to take a LONG time to get there. Start building, and hope someone invents a warp drive before you finish, because that’s what you’re going to need.

  3. teeto3012 is right. they are saying that here is water OR we could live there in the future OR both.There is at least one other planet that supports live even if it is just bacteria.

  4. PEOPLE! they said only that it COULD suport life, not that is IS or if there IS life, anyway, there is absolutly no aliens whatsoever,

  5. What’s interesting is that some people think there’s a liquid water ocean, and alien life is living there. They support their claim with Voyager 2 observations of water below the surface of Neptune. However , there is still a very small probability that the organic molecules in Neptune’s atmospheric ocean (if there is one) will line up to produce life, unless God decided that life would be duplicated in a high density.

  6. keep in mind, 600 light years would take over 22 MILLION years to reach in a modern space shuttle!!!!!!!!!! (according to scientists) We’re not leaving earth any time soon

  7. Look,We aren’t going to get there anytime soon with our technology, so don’t get your hopes up. AND it might be gas so there might not be aliens and if they are there they probably aren’t humanoid, since it would take the EXACT same environment or very similar for them to look like us. So …… They are probably bacteria and such Don’t get your hopes up

  8. its a galaxy from super mario galaxy with an earth lile the mario world discovered, where he met the lumas and goin here is one big discovery!!! also you’ll meet rosalina, right above the mario world, take the travelling challenge and fly here!

  9. listen i read on the internet that it will take 600 earth years to get there anyway i forgot to mention me and my dad have been studying and we found out 2012 december 21 is the end of the world.

    • thats what you think. people have been the end of the world for centuries and its never been right obviously. theres no way to find out.

    • look there is no way the world is going to end on December 21 God said that only he will know when the earth will end

  10. it dose look kind of like earth but I think it is cover all with water or it is a gas planet

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